Polledri boast a consolidated experience in the manufacture of interchangeable cutters and tools.
Long duration, high performance, flexibility, are the most significant characteristics of the offer of the Olgiate Olona’s firm in Varese, with a new production program, that point mostly on the performances of materials and adopted geometry.
The large range of cutters and tools of Polledri’s trademark is able to satisfy the most sophisticated request of working. The advantages are considerable in final results and costs reduction, guaranteed at anyone who use it.
The firm has constantly concentrated its efforts to improve the production’s program, investing both in the technological development and in the reliability and quality of the service offered.

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A wide range of cutters are available for Spotfacing and countersinking in both 90 and 60 degrees- from 7 mm to 85 mm Ø, in 0,5 mm increments. The system also offers a wide range of pilots or drills which when combined together allow drilling and countersinking in one operation.


With a range from diameter 12 to diameter 125, backspotfacing cutters are manufactured to be fixed to the wide range of pilot arbors diameters through a quick change bayonet which allows, in a short time to fix and remove the citter from the arbor in a way that it’s possible to change quickly from one hole to another one.

Conical Drills

Wide range of countersinks 3 flutes, 1 flute or with hole, 60-90-100-120 degrees, with straight shank or morse taper shank, in HSS stell 5% Cobalt or integral hard metal K15.

Countersinks for Drill,
Countersinks for Tap

With the POLLEDRI countersinks for drills can be performed countersinking togheter with the drilling.
With the POLLEDRI countersinks for tap can be performed countersinking togheter with tapping.


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